Ticks, Trees and Tennessee!

We are here in Tennessee and I would like to say we are loving it, but love is not the word I would use to describe our time here in Tennessee!

We drove out here with the expectations of really liking it.  We set up at Arnold AFB and got settled in. The longer we are here the longer the tall, tall trees start to close in on us! We were told how beautiful Tennessee is and how we were going to like it. Even though what you can see of it is pretty, we long for wide open spaces and distant scenery.

The number one thing that I dislike about Tennessee is the ticks! I didn’t grow up around ticks, so I am not used to finding them in the most disgusting places on our bodies! Patrick received this “tool” in the picture above on the first day of work. This is the first time ever the first day of work involved a “tick briefing”! YUCK!

The bonus is we are RIGHT ON the lake… so there is an abundance of swimming, fishing and people with boats! ūüôā And as usual we have had the pleasure of meeting some really nice people. So far our travels have taken us from coast to coast and some of the nicest people we have ever met are fellow RV’ers.

The boys and I were invited by neighbors to go out on their pontoon boat! The boys were so excited! They even got to drive the boat all alone while Brian (the captain) sat in the front and told them which way to go.

So far we have visited the Hands On Science Center in Tullahoma, TN. This place is a children’s science museum on a very low budget, but it is JAMMED PACKED with neat science stations!

Since we are right on the lake we decided to buy some fishing poles and try our hand at fishing! The boys were so excited to catch their first fish ever!

One thing we love to do as a family is to cook meals over the open fire of a fire pit! We don’t get to do this often because a lot of campgrounds don’t allow the fire pit or the state is under drought conditions and won’t allow open fire. Luckily that isn’t the case here in Tennessee so we took the opportunity to make some yummy meals!

We rigged up a way to do a rotisserie chicken on the fire pit. It was a little labor intensive for Patrick to turn it, but it was well worth it. It turned out DELICIOUS!

For this recipe and other nomadic yumminess join us at Nomadic NOM NOM!

At the end of the day, after the kids go to bed we enjoy sitting outside under the redneck christmas lights with music and a drink… just relaxing.

The sunsets here are beautiful and make me thankful to have had the opportunity to visit middle Tennessee!

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The throwing of COLORS! HOLI 2012

HOLI Fest 2012 Spanish Fork, Utah

Saturday March 24, 2012 we went to the Holi fest… which is also known as the festival of colors!

The Festival of Colors, also known as Holi, is two days of thousands of people gathered on the hill of the Krishna temple throwing brightly colored powder, participating in holy mantra and dancing to live music and bands.. Holi, the largest Indian festival, is held on the first weekend of spring to celebrate the beginning of the season. Colored and perfumed powders are thrown at each other and in the air to celebrate the new season!

Holi marks the end of the winter gloom and rejoices in the bloom of the spring time.

While at the festival we ate some traditional¬†Indian¬†food…¬†vegetable curries, Basmati rice, Dahl — spiced bean soups,¬†papa-dams¬†and mango juice. I can’t say it was the best food I ever tasted, but we ate it anyway because we had to stand in line FOREVER to get it!

My personal review of the festival:

We were really excited to go!¬†We parked and rode the bus 3 miles to the Temple. Upon getting there we walked about 1/2 a mile to the temple. We had pre-paid, but we still had to wait in a MASSIVE line of people to filter through the bottle-neck type gates. Once inside the gates we made our way to the back of the temple to get our meal tickets, shirts and our 10 bags of COLOR!¬†The crowds were¬†unbelievable! ¬†There were times we were in a powder coated blob that did not move no matter how hard we tried. ¬†We got our items and made our way out of the tight crowd. We got¬†our food after a very long wait in line.¬†The food was not good.¬†We all ate it¬†because we were¬†starving, but I would NEVER willingly eat it again! After “lunch” we moved to a “less crowded” area on the hill and opened our bags of color. We let the boys throw them on each other, us and innocent bystanders! They LOVED that part! Shortly after we made the¬†trek¬†back to the bus and waited another long amount of time to go home.

The verdict:

I MIGHT go again… IF it were at a different venue and there were not 80,000 people who are mostly crazy, rude and¬†disrespectful¬†college students! ¬†The good part is the boys got to do something they never get to do… go crazy and throw things at people! They loved it, but I think I will leave this¬†event to the college kids.

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

So far we really like Hill Air Force Base, Utah. 

We stay at Fam Camps since we are military affiliated. This family camp is acceptable. The camp host is a little lazy and things do not get done in a timely manner, but the sites are level and it is in a great location. We are across the street from the gym, next to the track and field as well as next to the playground and splash park… which would be¬†convenient¬†if it weren’t in the 30’s outside! We have met some great people here so far and are looking forward to meeting more!¬†

The boys are loving the snow… and so is the dog. They got to ride sleds and make snow angels for the first time in their short little lives. The smiles on their face say it all!¬†

We still have a month left in Utah. If you have been here (or are here) we would love some suggestions on places we should visit before we head to our next adventure! 

Heads Carolina, Tails California…

Our Route to Jolon, Ca

We got a new contract today… California wins!

We leave Sunday on our Journey to Jolon, Ca tour!
So far on the journey to Jolon, Ca…. First to Lampasas, Tx, then North to Ft.Worth/Dallas, then to Amarillo (Amanda Corker Mullins), Then west to Albuquerque, NM (Dianna Sigler, Mica Marie), then further west to Kingman, Az to visit more family. After Kingman we’ll take a turn south to Quartzsite, Az to visit with other families that are living on the road full time with kids(Families on the Road) & (NomadicMama). After Quartzsite we’ll head further west to Riverside, Ca for more family, then turn north to Edwards Air Force Base (I lived on Edwards AFB!). We’ll travel through one of our favorite California towns, Tecachapi and Bakersfield, Ca where were married. Eventually we will end up in Jolon, Ca… a couple hours south of San Francisco!

Are you along our route and want visitors? let me know! Stay tuned!

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